This project was started as a small project out of pure boredom over one winter vacation, and has grown beyond what I could ever imagine. While I will always find ways to keep the site running one way or another, I'd like to provide bounties for developers to work on Kemono when I can't, make upgrades as Kemono's userbase grows exponentially, and fund research into paysite APIs to create more scrapers. I don't want to pressure my users to reach monthly donation goals and put terabytes of archived content in limbo, but I would also like to keep personal costs within sanity.
Even if you do not have the resources or funds to help out in the ways below, thank you for using The continued usage of the site alone gives me the drive to continue working on it.


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Litecoin: LdRW4iGS4MXNgrchfvopmi1CeBw3Ve7X8Q

There are many resources available on how to purchase crypto. For Bitcoin, check out's page on buying Bitcoin for a list of methods. For beginner Bitcoin users, recommends using an escrow service such as LocalBitcoins.


If you have any other offers, contact me.