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Aug 10, 2022
CoogsWin All-American
Do any of you know (firsthand) of someone who 1) was born at LES during a football game or 2) died at LES during
a football game.

I met a guy a couple of years ago who said that he was in the security detail at LES for 4+ years during school and for a year or so after he graduated. Worked every home game during that time. Said that he can't go to live games at LES becuase he has PTSD from all the experiences of people needing ambulances, etc. He said some people died right there in LES.

Wondered if he was exaggerating or if it was real. Also, wondered if there were the blessed events of a birth during a game. (I'd be curious to know the first names of any kids born there in that scenario.) I'd hope that a birth or two could offset the trauma of a death...provided the person who died was really old.
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