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Aug 10, 2022
Roko's Basilisk All-American
PSA about how to handle football season if you're married...
Most guys on the board seem to have figured things out, but every year about this time we start to see posts about conflicts with football games. So, for the minority that still seem to struggle with this, here's how it's done:

1. As soon as dates for games are available, get them to your wife and ask her to put them on her calendar.
2. Be nice about it, but inform her that no matter what comes up you're planning to watch/attend all of the games. If you've gotten the schedule to her early enough, she won't have a problem with this.
3. If conflicts do arise (say, her cousin is renewing their vows) your event will already be on the calendar. At that point your wife may try to bargain with you to get you to go to the conflicting event, but you'll be in a position of strength because the game was on the calendar first.
4. You'll be free to skip the conflicting event with minimal consequences if you want, or, if you choose to go to the conflicting event, you'll likely be able to negotiate really favorable terms due to the fact that you'll basically be doing your wife a favor.

And that's it. Simple but effective.
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