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Aug 9, 2022
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#4 BYU vs #1 Clemson - Peach Bowl

The Peach Bowl sells out in seconds as BYU fans soar to the ticket office. In the weeks leading up to the game, BYU dominates both Fox's and ESPN's 'Who will win the CFP?' polls. It's been the greatest season in BYU history. Jaren was the Heisman runner up, BYU went undefeated including wins against 2 P5 conference champions, and made the College Football Playoff in their final season of independence. With all that said, Clemson opens as a 8.5 point favorite, and most people in the country expect BYU's Cinderella season to end without much of a fight.

After a full month of waiting, the game finally kicks off. BYU gets the ball first, and goes 3 and out. Clemson drives down the field, but the drive ends at the 25 and they get 3 on the board. BYU again goes 3 and out, the rust from a month off is apparent. Clemson once again moves right down the field, but eventually gets stuffed on a 4th and 1. The offense finally gets a couple of first downs, but is still forced to punt around midfield. Rehkow pins Clemson at the 2 with a perfect punt. DJ hands it off up the middle, and SLAM! Wilgar is right there, and pulls their RB down in the endzone for a safety, 3-2 Clemson leads.

On the ensuing drive BYU finally is able to get into the redzone. Jaren throws a fade on 3rd down to Nacua, but its dropped. Oldroyd knocks it in, and BYU leads 5-3 halfway through the 2nd quarter. Early in their next drive Clemson's receiver houses a bubble screen, and they take the lead back 10-5. BYU once again goes 3 and out, and sends out the punt team on 4th and 2. Rehkow takes the snap, and immediately starts running to the left. Clemson is caught completely off guard, and Rehkow manages to take the ball all the way into the 30 yard line. 2 plays later, Jaren finds Isaac Rex for a touchdown, 12-10 Cougars. Clemson's kicker misses a FG as the 2nd quarter expires, and BYU takes a 12-10 lead into Halftime.

Clemson comes out in the second half running the ball, and its clear the BYU D-Line is wearing down. 5, 6, 5, 7, 9 yard gains get Clemson down near the redzone before they finally break a 30 yard touchdown run. Now trailing 17-12, Jaren comes out and immediately throws an interception. Clemson's DB is running down the field, when out of nowhere Chris Brooks lays him out, knocking the ball out in the process. Jaren Hall was following the play and jumps on the ball. Tyler Allgeier, in attendance, gives Brooks a thumbs up and a slight grin. With a chance at redemption Jaren leads BYU on a scoring drive. They elect to go for 2, but Wake wasn't able to haul It in and BYU leads 18-17. On Clemson's next drive they get 3 points, and we go into the fourth quarter 20-18 for Clemson.

BYU stalls and punts. Clemson goes on a 13 play drive, all runs. They end up at the 8 yard line where BYU finally makes its stand and forces another FG, 23-18 Clemson with 5:20 left to play. BYU, taking its time, methodically gets down to the 20 yard line with 1 minute left and no timeouts. Jaren is sacked, and is clearly in pain after the 10 yard loss. He limps to the sideline, and Conover throws his helmet on. On second and 20, he finds an open Holker for 15 yards. Hall comes back out, clearly still in pain, for 3rd and 5. He delivers a strike to Brooks for the first down at the 8 yard line, 21 seconds left. 1st and goal, he runs out of bounds for a 2 yard gain. On 2nd and goal he has to throw it away, now with only 8 seconds left. Hall takes the snap, rolls right, and is tripped up by a clemson DB. Before he hits the ground he shovels the ball forward to Wake. Wake breaks a tackle, starts running towards 2 clemson defenders and goes airborne! They both catapult him higher in the air, and he lands in the endzone for a touchdown, BYU takes the lead with 2 seconds left! After a kneel down on the 2 point conversion, BYU wins the game 24-23. Meanwhile, Ohio State handled Alabama 35-28 in the other semifinal.

#4 BYU vs #3 Ohio State

With the Championship Game in LA, BYU fans flood SoFi stadium for their first chance in 38 years at a national title. Ohio State has 0 players opt out, and are being led by Heisman Winner CJ Stroud. CJ makes a quick impression on their first drive with 3 completions and a touchdown pass to Smith-Njigba. With a 7-0 defecit, Jaren leads an equally impressive drive ending with a 40 yard touchdown strike to Puka Nacua. The 2 quarterbacks would duel back and forth, leaving the score 21-21 at halftime.

To start the second half, Jaren finds Puka for his 3rd touchdown reception of the night. Ohio State has no answer for Puka at this point. Stroud comes back and leads Ohio State on a FG drive. After a nice return Jaren hits a few more completions before once again, for the 4TH time of the night, finding Puka in the endzone. 35-24 Cougars lead going into the 4th quarter. Ohio State scores another TD, making it a 35-32 game. BYU struggles on their following drive, and Jaren ends up taking a sack on third down. Ohio State once again drives straight down the field and scores another touchdown, this time on the ground. Now trailing 35-39 with 8 minutes left, Jaren hits Brooks out of the backfield for a 50 yard touchdown and BYU takes the lead back 42-39.

Stroud has a masterful drive, completing multiple passes on 3rd downs. They enter the red zone with 3 minutes left and a 3 point defecit. Smith-Njigba, who has had a notably quiet night after his first touchdown, finally breaks loose and gets tackled at the 2 yard line. BYU stuffs 2 straight run plays, and Ohio State is faced with 3rd and goal with 2 minutes left at the 1. Stroud, under center, tries to push the pile forward but is forced back and tackled outside of the endzone. Clearly frustrated, Ryan Day sends his kicker out who successfully ties the game at 42.

After a touchback, Jaren strolls onto the field with the chance to win the Championship. On first down he hands it to Brooks who takes it for 7 yards, the clock keeps rolling. On the next play, Jaren ends up finding Nacua for 6 yards before going out of bounds. Again, Hall finds Nacua for 15 yards and BYU is past midfield with 44 seconds left. Ohio St sends a heavy blitz, and Jaren comfortably tosses the ball to Katoa out of the backfield, who takes it for 12 yards and close to field goal range for Jake. BYU runs the ball twice and calls timeout with 15 seconds left and the ball at the 26 yard line. Everyone knows whats coming, another run and a field goal attempt. Jaren takes the snap, turns around and gives it to Brooks. Brooks runs right, but turns around before hitting the hole and tosses it back to Jaren. Jaren turns left and launches it towards the endzone to a wide open Nacua for a touchdown! BYU ends up winning the game and the championship 49-42.

After the game, Ryan Day was quoted saying "the loss hurts, but we it took a record breaking performance from Puka Nacua to beat us." Meanwhile, Kalani is still doing tik tok dances with fans an hour after the game. Jaren follows the great season up by declaring for the draft. "With the first pick in the 2023 NFL draft, the Houston Texans select… CJ Stroud". Adam Schefter a few minutes later announces a draft day trade for the second pick, the Buccaneers trade up to get the second pick of the draft. "With the 2nd pick of the 2023 NFL draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select… "Jaren Hall, Quarterback, BYU". A few months later, Tom signs Kalani to a 12 year 100 Million dollar extension.
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