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NHL Standings: Colorado proves how great they were in 2021-2022

Jason Burgos

A bow was put on the 2022 NHL Standings in April, and the NHL playoffs are now in the rear view after the Colorado Avalanche secured their first Stanley Cup championship in over 20 years. Find out what happened at the end of the regular season, when the top-16 teams in the NHL standings battled for Lord Stanley’s Cup.

NHL Standings

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How many teams make the NHL Playoffs?

The top 16 teams from the NHL standings make the playoffs — eight in each conference. Those teams then face off in a best of seven series over several rounds. The top three squads in the Metropolitan, Atlantic, Central, and Pacific divisions earn automatic births. Then, the teams with the next highest regular-season points total land the last two spots in the NHL playoffs for a date with the division winners.

NHL Playoff bracket

Once the final eight teams from each conference are decided, the brackets shake out like so. First, the top overall seed faces the lowest of the two wild card teams. Then, the second seed plays the other wild card. After that, the third seed faces the sixth, and the fourth takes on the fifth.

Once winners are decided among the first eight in each conference, the next four teams move on to the semifinal round and are then re-seeded. The team with the most points among the remaining four then faces the semifinal squad with the least regular-season points.

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When do the NHL Playoffs start?

Once the regular season came to a close on April 29, the first-round matchups for the 2022 NHL Playoffs kicked off three days later on May 2. The various games for the championship tournament will air on ABC, ESPN, TNT, and TBS.

How many playoff rounds in the NHL?

There are four rounds in the NHL Playoffs, with three apiece in each conference. The playoff action kicks off with the conference quarterfinals round. The winners from that group then face off in the semifinals, and that is then followed by the conference finals featuring the two best teams from the East and West. The victors from each conference final then compete in the best of seven Stanley Cup Finals series.

nhl standings
Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

When is the Stanley Cup?

The 2022 NHL Finals between two-time defending champions the Tampa Bay Lightning and Colorado Avalanche began on June, 15. The last six games came to a close 11 days later on June 26.

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Who won the Stanley Cup in 2022?

In a six-game battle of the Eastern and Western Conference’s best, the team with the second-best record in 2022, the Colorado Avalanche, defeated the defending champ Tampa Bay Lightning 4-2.

After winning the first two games at home, including a dominant 7-0 drubbing in Game 2, the Lightning battled back to win two of the next three. However, in Game 6, after being down a goal following the first period, the Avs roared back to score two and win the organization’s third NHL championship 2-1.

2021-2022 NHL Stanley Cup Finals recap

nhl standings
Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Recent Stanley Cup winners

  • 2022: Colorado Avalanche (6 games vs Tampa Bay Lightning)
  • 2021: Tampa Bay Lightning (5 games vs Montreal Canadiens)
  • 2020: Tampa Bay Lightning (6 games vs Dallas Stars)
  • 2019: St. Louis Blues (7 games vs Boston Bruins)
  • 2018: Washington Capitals (5 games vs Vegas Golden Knights)
  • 2017: Pittsburgh Penguins (6 games vs Nashville Predators)
  • 2016: Pittsburgh Penguins (6 games vs San Jose Sharks)
  • 2015: Chicago Blackhawks (6 games vs Tampa Bay Lightning)
  • 2014: Los Angeles Kings (5 games vs New York Rangers)
  • 2013: Chicago Blackhawks (6 games vs Boston Bruins)